What is the policy for trash containers?

Trash containers must be stored where they are not visible from any street, Common Area or lot unless at the curb for pickup. Per the City of College Station Code of Ordinances, trash cans may be placed at the curb no earlier than 5 a.m. the day of trash pickup and must be brought in within 12 hours of pickup. Regular trash pickup is on Tuesday and bulk pickup is on Friday. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday.

Where can I get the approved Fence Stain?

Effective February 2016, the ACC approved fence stain is Sherwin Williams Super Deck semi-solid and the color is 'Hawthorne'. The nearest Sherwin Williams is located at 3108 Texas Ave S. College Station, Tx 77845. See attached photo for example of stain color.

Castle Rock Fence Requirements (CCR 3.24 Fences)

What is the policy on sheds?

According to the deed restrictions, sheds and outbuildings must be approved by the Architectural Committee (ACC) prior to installation. Additionally, any structures with floor space greater than 120 square feet require a permit from the City of College Station, in addition to requiring architectural committee approval.

What Requires Explicity City Approval, Beyond the ACC?

In certain situations, the City of College Station requires residents to obtain a permit before working with the ACC. Please use this table to determine the most appropriate next steps:

City permit is required prior to ACC approval if any one of the following apply: ACC approval is required if any one of the following apply ACC approval is not required if all of the following apply:
  • Total floor area is greater than 120 sq. ft.
  • The structure requires a permanent floor (excluding sand or concrete blocks)
  • The structure is an extension of an existing building
  • The shed is not on the pre-approved list, but smaller than 120 sq. ft.
  • Placement of the shed is outside of the guidelines outlined below
  • The shed matches the part number and size of the pre-approved structures listed below
  • The structure is not placed upon a permanent floor (excluding sand or concrete blocks)
  • Placement is within the guidelines outlined below

Pre-Approved Structures

To make the process easier, the Castle Rock ACC has pre-approved the following product, available from Lowes.


Pre-Approved Placement and Screening

The Castle Rock ACC has pre-approved the placement of only the above sheds, provided that they meet the setbacks for the primary structure. The shed must be at the back of the house, between the sides of the house, such that it is not visible from the street when looking down the side of the house. In addition to the placement requirements, the ACC requests that the homeowner plants large plants such as elephant grass or trees that will screen the structure. ONLY the sheds listed above as pre-approved can be placed without ACC approval. NO substitutions, different model numbers, color changes, other sizes, or any other variants are allowed without ACC approval.

These diagrams indicate where pre-approved sheds may be placed, without requiring additional ACC approval:

Criteria for Sheds Not on the Pre-Approval List

The Castle Rock ACC uses the following criteria when considering sheds not on the pre-approval list:

  1. According to the City of College Station, the shed must be less than 120 sq. feet unless the appropriate permit is obtained from the city in advance
  2. From the CCRs, section 4.03:Outbuildings. Every building, inclusive of such structures as a detached garage, storage building or greenhouse shall be compatible with the dwelling to which it is appurtenant in terms of its design and material composition or be completely screened from public view. All such buildings shall be subject to approval by the Architectural Committee. In no instance shall an outbuilding, other than a detached garage, exceed one (1) story in height or have total floor area in excess of ten percent (10%) of the floor area of the main dwelling.

Who can I call to repair my stone/masonry mail box?

See list of local masons: Mason List

Who plants trees and provides lawn service in our area?

Landscapers that work in our area and are familiar with our CCRs requirement. Please see Tree planting and removal services for a list of local services. Also, the Texas Forest Service has published a Texas Tree Planting Guide please select. You might find it helpful in choosing your new tree.

If you have used another company and would like to add them to the list for your neighbors, please email name of company, person to contact and the contact number to [email protected] we will add them to the list.

Who do I contact about a street light being out?

Street lights are owned and maintained by Bryan Texas Utilities department. Please visit the BTU website to report the issue here.


Who do I contact for service issues that fall in the City of College Station's jurisdiction?

If  you have a service issue that falls under The City of College Station’s jurisdiction, please click the link below to submit a request.


Who do I contact about a traffic light issue, street drainage concern, or parking concern?

Please visit the City of College Station website here to report a concern regarding parking, street drainage or traffic lights.

How do I get a key to my cluster mailbox?

Cluster mailboxes are owned and maintained by the US Postal Service. You will need to go to the Post Office at 2130 Harvey Mitchell Pkwy S in College Station to get your keys. You will need to take a copy of your lease, if it is a rental, or your closing documents, if you are the homeowner. If you are the first owner of a newly built home there is no charge for the keys. If this home is pre-owned or you are renting and have not received keys from the landlord then the cost to re-key the lock is $25.00. The post office will provide you the location of the box and your box number when you get the keys.

Can I have a garage sale?

The HOA has no restrictions on garage sales, we request that you do not place signage on street signs, stop signs or light post. Any signs need to be removed by the end of the day. Please see the link regarding the City of College Station's Code of Ordinances on Garage Sales. Click here to see the City of College Station code ordinance.


Who do I contact about a noise or animal complaint?

Noice complaints should be directed to the Police departments Non Emergency number.  Here is a link to the city of College Stations website with more information.

Can I have a Game day/Vacation rental?

The primary purpose for these restrictions is to maintain neighborhood integrity and ensure public safety, which are high priorities for many of our residents. Short-term rentals are limited to hotels and motels located in commercial zones. Renting out homes or single rooms – game day housing — is not permitted, unless the property owner remains on-site and operates as a registered bed and breakfast. Please see CCR 3.41 for more informaiton.

Bed and breakfasts (Code of Ordinances 12.6.5.C.2) are permitted in residential zones, but only under these circumstances:

  • It must be part of the owner’s permanent residence.
  • It must maintain a residential appearance.
  • It must be the permanent residence of the proprietor.
  • No more than four unrelated people can stay there overnight.